Church Insurance

Church Insurance

A church is a place to grow in your faith, build a community, and participate in religious practices. It is a refuge and symbol of your religion. A church is much more than a building, and we understand that. With an establishment that is of great meaning and value to its members, insurance is important. We’ll protect your place of worship so you can focus on your faith. We are proud to offer Alfa Insurance to religious organizations. Our broad church insurance policy covers property, liability, and losses.

Property Insurance

We offer Special Form and Standard Form property coverage. The Special Form covers the physical loss. Whereas the Standard Form explains the perils that the policy covers. This typically includes fires, lightning, windstorms, and more.

Church Property Insurance Covers

  • Chapels
  • Church Buildings
  • Camps
  • Schools
  • Clergy Residences

Every place of worship requires a different level of protection. Churches may face unusual situations or have unique needs based on their structure. Outside of Alfa’s property insurance, other coverage options are available. We’ll work with you to learn more about your church and the insurance you are looking for.

Additional Coverage Options

Need protection in specialized areas? Some of our options include:

  • Money and securities ($2,500)*
  • Employee dishonesty ($5,000)*
  • Newly acquired buildings (up to $250,000 for 90 days)
  • Personal property while temporarily away from the premises (up to $15,000, including theft)
  • Property in transit (up to $15,000)
  • Accounts receivable (up to $5,000)
  • Valuable papers (up to $5,000)
  • Extra expenses to resume normal operations (up to $35,000)
  • Outdoor trees, plants, shrubs, and lawns (up to $5,000), but not more than $1,000 for any one tree, shrub, or plant*
  • Consequential loss (such as food spoilage) from power interruption and mechanical failure (up to $1,000)
  • Arson reward ($7,500)
  • Fire extinguisher recharge
  • Sewer and drain backup ($1,000)
  • Pollutant clean-up and removal ($10,000)

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects those who act on behalf of the church. This can include employees, Sunday School teachers, officers, and elders. Alfa’s liability insurance policy covers church-related operations. It covers liability for retreats, events, and church school. Its broad coverage protects the church financially in the face of an accident or injury.

Liability Insurance Covers

  • Personal Injury Losses
  • Property Damage
  • Bodily Injury

Medical Payments

Medical payment coverage protects volunteers, students, and participants. It covers medical expenses for those who may be injured as a result of church activities.

With Alfa Insurance, you can tailor your policy to fit your church. There are numerous optional coverages for an additional premium. Our coverage options include sexual misconduct liability, cemetery professional liability, clergy professional liability, loss of tuition fees, and many others.

Commercial Umbrella Policy

Our commercial umbrella policy is an optional separate policy. It offers even more coverage for large and unexpected losses. It is optional, but it protects you from losses that could jeopardize your church. For more information, contact The Hornbuckle Agency.

Special Features

Call us to discuss your current church insurance, and we can compare coverage options. Alfa’s church policies offer items that provide advanced protection and may not be included in your current plan. Our umbrella policy goes beyond baseline church insurance. It offers coverage options that protect your church in a wide spectrum of situations.   

Coinsurance – We encourage churches to evaluate their needs so we can ensure they are adequately covered. If you are underinsured, no coinsurance penalty will reduce the amount of your loss payment. 

Volunteer Labor – Volunteer labor extends medical expenses to volunteers working on maintenance, construction, or repairs on the premises.

Money and Securities – This coverage doubles during times of higher offerings like holidays.

Vacancy – Vacancy assures protection while a clergy residence is vacant.

Trees, Shrubs, Lawns, and Plants – Covers a tree, shrub, or plant in the peril of theft.

Personal Property of Clergy – This coverage includes the personal belongings of the clergy up to the limit and fully covers church-related property.

We understand the importance of your church both physically and symbolically. If you are left in a position without adequate coverage, you may not be able to rebuild or replace what was lost. Financial security allows you to keep your church afloat during a difficult time. Preparing for these moments is crucial. At The Hornbuckle Agency, it is our goal to protect your church with the right insurance and affordable rates.

Give us a call or schedule an appointment to learn more about insurance for your religious organization.