Watercraft Insurance

Watercraft Insurance

Fun times on the water create many great memories. Often, water activities include watercraft such as boats and jet skis. You can enjoy a worry-free summer on the water when you have Alfa Watercraft Insurance. We offer protection for boats, jet skis, motors, and trailers.   

Activities like boating can be dangerous. There is the risk of injury and the possibility of damage to your watercraft. These unforeseen events happen from time to time, and they can be expensive. When you insure your boat with the proper coverages, you set yourself up with financial protection. Preparing for those moments with our specialized watercraft policies allows you to enjoy your time on the water worry-free.

Watercraft Insurance Coverages

Property Coverage

Property coverage provides coverage for physical damage. Additional coverage is available for theft, fire, and other potential dangers.

Liability Coverage

Personal liability coverage protects you in the face of a lawsuit or the need for medical payments.

Property Coverage

When you pay for insurance, you are paying for coverage, but more importantly, you are paying for security and peace of mind in the face of a disaster. When you experience property damage, you want a team that will provide insurance guidance and support. That is what we are here for. We provide liability coverage in cases that could require medical expenses, lawsuits, and bodily injury. However, in some cases, you may need more coverage. There are additional endorsements we can add to personalize your plan.

Trip Interruption Endorsement

Trip Interruption protects watercraft while traveling. If your boat or trailer breakdown during travel, we will cover repairs, meals, and lodging up to the policy limit.

Personal Effects Increased Coverage Endorsement

Although it covers your personal property, it is not always enough. Personal effects coverage provides additional coverage to ensure your property is fully protected.

Are your watercrafts adequately insured? Schedule an appointment with our agents to discuss your insurance needs. We’ll break down the necessities from additional endorsements and provide you with policy details to make an informed decision. At The Hornbuckle Agency, we are dedicated to you as a customer and work hard to ensure you have the financial protection you need.