Farm Insurance

Farm Insurance

Farms are an integral part of our community. At Alfa we consider our farmers to be small business owners. We provide farm insurance for all types of farms, from poultry to crops. Alfa Insurance is the longest-continuous insurance provider for poultry farms in Alabama. Since 1946, we have proudly protected the farmers in our community.

Our partnership with the Alabama Farmers Federation has allowed us to establish strong relationships with our local farmers. We offer great rates for farm coverage, and our connections ensure that those rates do not change suddenly. Alfa Insurance is proud to say that we have not increased our rates for poultry farmers in over ten years! We work hard to maintain good quality products and great rates. You can rely on us for support and affordable coverage as you set up farm insurance.

From Broilers to Breeders to Pullets, our Poultry Farm Insurance has you covered. We have a set process to properly document and protect these large financial investments. We inspect each house to make sure they are built to the engineered guidelines and that builders follow the appropriate procedures. This advanced inspection process allows us to maintain low rates.

The Hornbuckle Agency proudly protects farms across the state of Alabama. Marshall, Cullman, Dekalb, and Blount Counties are some of the largest poultry-producing counties in the country. A key element of farm insurance for poultry farms is what we call “builders risk.” We will inspect the poultry farm as the houses are being built. This way, we can assist the farmer in building a house that complies with insurance and lowers rates. We are there from the beginning to help you navigate the insurance side of the project.

After you receive your offer letter from your integrator, you’ll need to select an insurance company. Like a mortgage for your house, the lenders will want to see proof of insurance before they close on the loan. We work with the builders, integrators, and lenders to make sure you have all the proper documentation you need to proceed. It will give you peace of mind knowing you have experienced agents protecting your livelihood.

Property Coverage

The Hornbuckle Agency provides property coverage to protect your farm. It covers rebuilding and replacement costs when you are faced with property damage. This policy includes perils coverage and accidental direct physical loss. We also offer coverages for livestock, feed, and seed.

Dwellings and Private Structures

Living expenses are covered if your property is considered to be uninhabitable given a loss. In addition, your property is insured against loss from theft, falling objects, leaks, and snow. We insure barns, grain silos, and other farm outbuildings.

Farm Personal Property

Farm Personal Property insures your property based on the damage and the event that caused it. It can be added to your policy on an unscheduled or scheduled basis. We offer endorsements, such as farm machinery and livestock, that can be added to your policy individually.

Liability Coverages

When farming accidents occur, they can involve damage to you, others, and your property. Alfa’s Farmowner Policy wraps all these coverages into one.

Additional Coverage Options:

  • Damage to Property
  • First Aid Expenses
  • Claim Expenses
  • Medical Payments to Others

Optional Coverages

We offer additional coverages for debris removal, emergency removal of property, repairs after a loss, and new construction. Coverage for poultry house replacement costs and loss of income are available to add for an additional premium. Schedule an appointment for a free consultation.